Starting in fall of 2016, we will offer a new activity called, "What's your iQ? (integrity quotient)". We were introduced to this exciting program by the USASF.  It is a monthly team activity that builds individual character and team unity.  

The program works like this: each month, athletes and coaches will introduce a new word. This new word will support the overall theme of "integrity".  As a gym, as coaches, and as athletes, we will encourage conversations about how athletes, teams, coaches, and staff can individually be, and encourage others to become, the example of that month's word.

We will post each month's word on this page and our Facebook page, and we will encourage our team coaches to post them on their team Facebook pages.  We will also be posting the words in the gym.  

We encourage Parents to participate with their children as well!  This video link is a great conversation starter!

Word of The Month:

April: Loyalty